TC Precast was formed in 2002 in response to TC Drainage (WA) Pty Ltd expanding it's capabilities, now producing it's own sewer and stormwater bases and lids. TC Precast first found it's feet in a small workshop, only producing for the needs of it's parent company. Forward to today and how things have changed. We now produce a diversified range of sewer and stormwater precast components to a whole range of contractors around Western Australia from a specialised facility in the Kwinana Industrial Area.

TC Precast can supply you with the following:

Sewer bases, conversions and lids.
Stormwater bases, aprons and covers
Cast iron/galvanised steel products
Box culverts
Spacer rings

We can also make any custom sewer or stormwater component, just call with your enquiry and we'll  be able to help with a solution.

Get in touch with Travis Sayer - 0405 021 289 or and he'll be able to help you with a quote or any enquiry you might have about our products. Please download the pdf below for a full list of products and weights.